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Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Cleaner City

We should begin a public works project in dirty major cities or cities with old pollution to cleanse the air. I propose as part of a large building to purposefully engineer a wind tunnel and lead that wind tunnel to both a small wind farm and an active filter system, powered by the farm.

We could have a huge ionic breeze in New York, the kind with an active ionized strip, to suck the mold and soot from the air and collect it into a chute for processing or removal using a motorized wiper bar.

This would improve air quality and the healthy lives of individuals. It has recently been found in scientific journals that 40% of world deaths are caused by pollution.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


"Look at China. They did not have one case of autism until the U.S. started importing their vaccines there. Now you don't expect me to believe what the CDC is saying that there is no link between mercury and autism and the vaccines? There is , they just will not admit it. Go back and look at their position on the AIDS virus. It took them years to change their stance on that one.


The FDA suggested and recommended that Therimisol/mercury be taken out of vaccines. A company later tested the vaccine and found it still had mercury.

"mass vaccinations in the US were introduced in 1939, autism was first discovered in 1941"

"This vaccine is not intended for children with a pervasive disorder" [spectrum ASD] "SO many people have no idea the kid has a pervasive disorder until they are 3 or older!"

"the pharm companies still can sell the vaccines and are allowed to dispense them until they run out, alot of vaccines are covered by patent rights so we may never know what is actually in them, they same ditributer may have a vaccine with .0001 mg of ethol mercury and one with 200 mg of mercury. here's what i do know, vaccines are not bad, mercury used in vaccines as perservatives are bad. unfortunately we are all exposed to mercury it's in our food, water, teeth and air."

Ethyl mercury is put in numerous innoculations, including hepatitis B to make the injection bacteriostatic. It is inexpensive. Instead of using ethyl mercury, containing a neruotoxin, to stabilize injections for developing humans, we could sterilize and seal them before injection or use one of these, which would cost only pennies more per injection. That is a price I would be willing to pay.

Considering the massive quantity of pervasive spectrum disorders, banning mercury and lead is a good option. It can be done in this nation and the world.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Chemicals in Bath Products

I do not enjoy using certain soaps and conditioners on the market because I can feel them cut the grease on my body, and then I recognize the effects of the -ol molecule as it *enters my body* through eyes, mouth, nose, and I can feel it as it 'cuts the grease' inside my kidneys.

It is a very unpleasant experience. The agents in the bathroom products are quite pervasive. They probably are associated with certain kinds of semi-hormonal or pre-hormonal chemical messengers, to produce an addictive emotional feeling or other neurological or chemical function.

The same story can be told of certain chemical smell agents and perfumes, some colognes. They are alcohol based and have agents that dissolve in alcohol. These enter the body as aerosol through the lungs, eyes, or nose, and produce chemical chain reactions inside the body that are unnatural and unpleasant if you can detect them. Many do not have the perception to feel subtle effects inside their own body.

These products, and the body and mind itself, should be studied without overarching commercialism which seeks to dominate the mind and body. If we medically understood the workings of the body and mind as advertisers and chemical engineers working for commercial organizations understand them, which the FDA and ADA likely do not encourage, we would leap ahead 200 years in medical science and psychology.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ligaments and Cartilidge

It is important for medicine to research why the body attacks its own ligaments, causing degeneration and arthritis, or what genetic triggers cause this material to break down. this cure falls likely into the proteinology and genetic research category. could it have something to do with biological electromagnetic waves? they are spongy and do function to soften impacts, which is a 1 -> hz function. They may break signal into field by area.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cloned Foods??

It is broadly unsafe for clones to be used as food. They are more susceptible to genetic weakness and cancer. They lack fitness that normally produced animals enjoy. Our efforts at cloning have been made without the knowledge of the function of DNA and biological cellular modification activiy. We cannot in good conscience serve this food.

Factory farms are poor environments for raising healthy livestock.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


I believe that the functions of chemical or electrical system parasitism wrack human society in ways we hardly understand. The function of toxoplasmotic parasites on neurological systems is startlingly dynamic and affects the behavior of species in a 'zombielike' fashion. This is commonplace for many addictions, and alkso characteristic of spiritual demonic possessions.

Psychology must strive to understand the role of psychotic parasitism and if and how it can be defeated mentally. Many humans resist parasitic potentialities of chemical nature, if not biological, better than others. Why?

Upbringing? Autoenvironmental concerns? Personal conviction and social stoutness? Spiritual foundation? The apple? All of these likely participate in a finer point in complex neurology that we must know.


Condoms do not work well. Sex is often stark in consequences.

Relying on a condom is like wearing a cardboard vest and helmet into battle. Trusting it to save you will hurt you. Condoms will frequently slip off during use, and they can break during great sex. The porous sections of latex are larger than the HIV virus. It is tight enough to stop sperm and bacteria, but viruses can potentially get through.

A single broken condom and you could become infected or have a baby. You might not even know it's broken until you stop. The same thing can happen with a condom that slips off, even if you're sensitive.

Condoms will work probably >80%-90% of the time with proper use.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fertility is probably not affected quite directly by wealth. It is more probably affected by sociological factors relating to a wealthy and supercompetetive society. I might examine studies showing that supercompetition in business reduces actual chemical fertility.

The odds are greater that the substantial cause of fertility rates being reduced in an individual or first world nation are that people choose not to have so many children on account of fiscal concerns. Jamaicans are poor, but they have many, many children by comparison to Americans, or Swedes, who can afford to care for them.

It is not because they have better DNA. It may be related to the level of intensity of their society and their fiscal attitudes. The perception of social risk may play a role. Secondary chemical factors may play a small role.

Social elements reducing fertility are anti-social, be they economic, sociological, or microorganizational.